simulation options

  • Buy the software and train
    one or more users:

    If you have recurring simulation needs and the available internal resources.
  • Hire an expert to do the work:
    For a one-time need, or for your first mandate, in order to assess the software before purchasing it or because your need is urgent.
  • Outsource the simulation services:
    For recurring needs, but without having to buy the software and manage the resources, licenses, training and projects.


We also provide technical support by phone or on the premises to help you with your projects.

expert services

As an industrial engineer with 20 years of professional experience in improving processes and operations, and as a business partner in Flexsim Software Products, Patrick Cloutier has given himself the mission to help you make the most of simulation technology—in the manner most economical and adapted to your specific needs—in order to significantly improve your processes and operations.

some of our activity sectors

related services

  • Creation of 3D simulation objects with Trimble SketchUp software
  • Programming in Flexscript language (similar to C ++)
  • Process modeling with Visio software
  • Identification and analysis of waste in processes
  • Operational diagnosis (productivity efficiency, lead time, value-added, capacity, real costs, profitability)
  • Identification of realistic solutions adapted to different types and sizes of enterprises
  • Plant layout and design of ergonomic and productive workstations
  • Warehouse and distribution centre layout and shelving design
  • Study of work and development of standard time

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