leading-edge technology

Flexsim is one of the best simulation software on the market thanks to its flexibility, power, ease of use, and the quality of its 3D animation. Flexsim offers two distinct software programs based on the same simulation technology, each one having its own separate library of objects:

Flexsim (General Purpose Simulation)
The best simulation software for all optimization needs in all activity sectors—bar none!
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Flexsim Healthcare
This software is custom designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry: hospitals, clinics and laboratories.
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we have the option that best meets
your needs!

Please contact us for a presentation of the software.

A free-trial

of each software is available
on the www.flexsim.com website.

The version is not limited in time, but there is a limit to the number of objects that can be included in a model and certain functionalities have been disabled.

for education

  • If your organization is a recognized teaching institution (CEGEP, university), Flexsim offers you a range of options at substantially reduced prices:
  • “Student” license of limited duration
  • “Teacher” license
  • “Classroom” license
  • We also offer an excellent school manual on applications of simulation: